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Casts – Naomi Scott;
Writers – Elizabeth Banks;
rating – 5,2 / 10;
genres – Action;
director – Elizabeth Banks

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Even though this film is doing well with the audience worldwide, the negative response to this film seems to be the case when heavier vibrations of an ego are challenged by the more holistic lighter way of being. Take a notice how many voters are men and women, on the film made by women directed towards a more feminine side of us, not just women, the lighter side of people. There’s many questions we can pose to ourselves, why more men tend to go to the theatre and give votes than women? Or do most men even enjoy films as much anyway, when women tend to give higher votes than males for most films anyway, including this one? Can men bring both their masculine and feminine back into balance? or still remain insecure (cringy/ashamed, etc) at the prospect of losing that masculinity, especially whenever it is shamed, criticized or feminized. Can people wake up and look into their own hypocritical self and ask why they feel what they feel before criticizing what is criticizing them? That includes critics and filmmakers of this film that might be perrfectly reflecting one another as two sides of the same coin.
I very much enjoyed this film, I truly had a good time with this. I can see that Banks is a talented director, and ewart is soooo good in this, almost iconic in her presence alone, I feel like it is more down to earth than previous two versions, it feels refreshing and original in the way how it is done.
This film may not make as much money as the grittier more “serious” films, considering its lower budget than even the previous two versions, however the films like this seem to be very much needed, they’re also part of the groundbreaking new wave of cinema, spreading into European and Asian cinema as well, that pushes to the forefront the portrayal of people with mental illness or handicap or any social disadvantage, it is the empowerment of underdogs, those pushed to the side and neglected, who felt they wanted to be heard and loved as they are, it is a fantasy for those kind of people, that includes people like Trump, that includes women, gay, or more feminine men, some may say by degrading men in general? Then I ask you what about the 60’s fantasy called James Bond for men indoctrinated by more sinister propagandas of those times when women were treated as mere sex objects to be used, or degraded whenever they stood up for themselves. Some people have no idea how they’ve been influenced growing up when pointing fingers at some obvious propaganda of today, yet sometimes questionable by itself as many people, including filmmakers are merely sharing their own view of morality the way they see it in the world where more women are being more of themselves, standing up for themselves and refusing to be the way men want them to be.
I don’t think this film or any film I watched is degrading men in general at all, only pushing to the forefront the behaviour of some men (and sometimes women as well) who have been using masculinity to cover up their repressed insecurity and vulnerability (running in our psyche for a long time) that is all what lots of films have been doing. Films these days are more open minded and inclusive than people even realize, what they do is to show diseases of the society from their own different individual points of view, that also disagree with one another.
For me this film is a blast, perhaps a cult classic in the making, with an eye to the past when even James Bond films used to be less serious, more fun and out of the world. It has an adorable unpretentious charm reminiscent of the 60’s/70’s wackier explorations into female power, yet this time with dignity that never in history ever had, there’s no sexualization of women through the eyes of men, it is a super realistic and authentic portrayal of how some women and men really are in real life, totally breaking to smithereens the social expectations of gender roles, and that’s one of the key aspects that don’t exactly pander to the masses. Take a notice of very subtle difference, the heroines are not physically bigger or more built type of women like Ripley or Sarah Connor, and neither typical supermodels either, it goes very much against the grain. The film also seems to capture the sense of comic books so well, especially the older ones.
There tends to be fewer people to be neutral enough without their own politics or hypocrisy, hence why I wanted to bring in here a bit more balance or open mindedness that doesn’t take sides. If you have not yet lost the innocence of your childhood, to feel and enjoy without over-thinking, this film might be for you.

First viewing is confusing and Kristen gets all the best lines, the rest are off-putting and tone is weird. But second viewing you see it’s smoother, funnier, sexy usual beat of this series. For this to reboot the series it needs to be viewed twice and then judged. Tone, casting, etc nowhere near weird and is actually good second time around.

Come on people. It was not that bad. I enjoyed the movie. I’m not there to pick out every details. Everyone being too harsh on the movie.

Really poor movie, I think they were trying to make a statement – women good men bad and stupid, it just didn’t work for me.